Thanks Mike

Today after 45 years Mike is calling it a day.  He started on 1st April 1976. So although still a little while off his state pension age he wanted symmetry which is he why is retiring today March 31st

How can you sum up a working life in a few words, to put it simply I can’t, so below is a potted history of his time working at Broad Haven Holiday Park. 

Mike from childhood has always had a love of caravans, static holiday homes and tourers.  When he started here, they were more or less the same thing, big ones and little ones.  The small ones not as long as a modern caravan holiday home is wide.  Gas lights, buckets under them to collect the water from the sink, water had to be collected from one the standpipes dotted around the park, three toilet blocks and one combined toilet and shower block to maintain. 

Whatever Broad Haven Holiday Park is today, Mike has played a large part in it.

He has seen and been involved in all the changes to the park over the decades, we are hoping he is not going to escape completely, as we need his knowledge if only for the practicable stuff “…..can you remember where that manhole is?” and usually he comes up trumps. 

How many times has he cut the grass how many miles has he covered cutting the grass?  How many mowers has he worn out?  How many caravans has he moved?  Loads & loads all (most) of the time keeping a cheerful disposition. 

Always dedicated and reliable, he will be missed.

Thank you, Mike, from all of us all for making this little bit of the world a better place for forty-five years. 

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