Frequently Asked Questions When buying a Caravan Holiday Home of your own you need to know as much as possible, not only about the caravan but also about the Park.

Below is a list of questions most often asked and their answers.

Q: What is the Pitch Fee?

A: Please see Charges section.

Q: When does the Park open?

A: Broad Haven Holiday Park is open from the 20th March to the first Monday after the New Year Bank Holiday.

Q: Can we let friends and relatives use our Caravan Holiday Home?

A: Yes, few restrictions are placed on the use of your Holiday Home.

Q: Are dogs allowed on the Park?

A: You as the Caravan Owner are allowed to bring your dog onto the Park, but your guests are not. Please note that a dog ban operates on approximately one third (Northern end) of Broad Haven beach from May 1st to September 30th each year.

Q: How long can a caravan stay on the park?

A: We guarantee a pitch for your Caravan Holiday Home up until it is seventeen years old, then we go one year at a time, we do not allow caravans twelve seasons old or older to be sold on the park.

Q: If a pitch comes up that we prefer can we have the Caravan Holiday Home moved on to it?

A: You should choose your pitch with care, give thought to where the sun rises and sets if you want sun in evening although Caravan Holiday Homes are on wheels, moving from one pitch to another involves a great deal of work and therefore expense to you, (as a guide about 75% the cost of the pitch fee) – but it can be done.

Q: What happens in the closed season?

A: Although the Park is closed we are still here carrying out maintenance work and improvements, so are able to keep an eye on your Holiday Home.

Q: How much would I get if I sold my caravan after a year?

A: If you were thinking of owning a caravan for just one year, we would advise you not to go ahead as caravans are just like cars – they do depreciate and the first year is the worst.

Q: Can I trade my caravan against another one?

A: Yes, we will take your caravan in part exchange against either a new or second hand caravan.

Q: Can the caravan be my main residence?

A: No, this is a holiday caravan park and residential use is not allowed.

Q: What deposit do you want?

A: 10% with the order and the balance when the caravan is ready for you.

Q: Can I buy a caravan somewhere else and bring it on to Broad Haven Holiday Park.

A: No, we can supply all makes and models of new caravans and as we usually have second hand caravans for sale, we do not allow second hand caravans on to the park.

Q: Should I get the gas appliance inspected annually?

A: The annual inspection of the gas appliance in your caravan is included in the pitch fee. Repairs and parts after the warranty period are not covered.

Q: Can I buy a caravan holiday Home to let out commercially?

A: We have no objections to you sub-letting a few weeks to help cover your costs, we do not allow commercial sub letting on the park even as a hobby. Using a letting agent would be deemed as commercial sub letting. There are other parks in Pembrokeshire that are better suited to your requirements.

Q: Can we arrange our own insurance cover for the caravan?

A: Yes, it is wise and a park requirement that you keep your caravan properly insured, there are many insurers for you to choose from, our favored being Leisure days. 0800 652 4626 free from landlines or 01422 396 888 which may be cheaper from mobiles.

Q: Can finance be arranged for the purchase of the caravan through you??

A:  You can arrange your own finance far more competitively than anything we’re able to arrange.

Q: Can I erect a decked balcony along side my Caravan Holiday Home?

A: Decking can only be supplied from our approved supplier through Broad Haven Holiday Park. Further details available upon request.

Q: Can I have electric heating ?

A: No. The electric supply on the park does not have sufficient power to run electric heating.

Q: The caravan I want to buy has an electric fire, as I cannot have electric heating is that a problem.

A: Yes. We can supply the caravan, but the fire would have to be disconnected. We would need to ascertain the status of each caravan from our supplier before placing an order.

Q: I am coming to Broad Haven Holiday Park to look around and to view the caravans that you have for sale, should I just call in.

A: Although the reception is open for a lot of the time it is well worth phoning before hand so that someone will be available to show you the caravans and to answer any questions you may have.  Contact Us – Broad Haven Holiday Park (

Q: Which Pitches are the View Pitches?

A: The View Pitches are V01-V02-V04-V05-V06-V08-V09

Q: Which Pitches are the Premium Pitches?

A: The Premium Pitches are A01-A02-A18-B01-B02-B12- B15-B16-B17-B18-B19-B20-B21-D01-D02-D03-D04-D05-D06-J02-L07-L08-L12-X09a-X10-X11-X11a-X12-X13-X14-X15-X16-X17-Z05-Z06-Z7-Z08

Q: Which Pitches are the Standard Pitches?

A: The pitches that are not listed in the answers for View Pitches or Premium Pitches are Standard Pitches.

Q: What does Reserved mean?

A: We believe a reserved caravan is sold but the sale is not finalised, therefore you can still view it and if it is of interested to you we will let you know if it becomes available. 

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