Pembrokeshire County Council leader’s reminder on coronavirus exercise restrictions

RESIDENTS in Pembrokeshire are being reminded that they should not be travelling to local beauty spots to exercise under the current lockdown restrictions.

Some people are driving to local beaches and other beauty spots like the Preselis to go for a walk or take other recreational exercise.

This is not allowed under the current Welsh Government alert level four restrictions.

However, Welsh Government guidelines recognise that some people, such as those with specific health or mobility issues, may need to travel from their home in order to exercise.

For example, wheelchair users may not be able to start exercise immediately outside their hones for practical access reasons. Driving to a suitable flat location, such as a park, would be permitted in this instance.

Where people need to drive to access exercise, the journey should be to the nearest convenient accessible location. No long journeys should be undertaken unless absolutely necessary.

Residents are able to exercise with members of their household or support bubble. There is no limit to the distance you can travel while taking exercise or how many times you exercise a day but, apart from the exceptions noted above, exercise should start and finish from the front door.

“We know this is very difficult, but please start and finish your exercise at home and keep away from busy areas,” said Councillor David Simpson, leader of Pembrokeshire County Council.

“The virus is still spreading rapidly, and we must all do everything we can to minimise passing it on to others.”

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