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Please bear in mind that in common with a lot of rural locations, broadband speeds are slower in Broad Haven than more urban areas. Our Wifi will not give you as fast a connection as you are used to at home and is not suitable for Business use. The signal strength will vary from one caravan to the next and within the caravan. Heavy rain can and does affect the connection and it will slow down at peak times, when a lot of guests are online.

Your device needs to have the necessary components to access Wifi. If your device doesn’t have wireless built in, you can buy a separate wireless card from any major electronics store. If you are worried that our Wifi will not meet your requirements, buy an hour to start with. If it fails to live up to your requirements, stop there.

To connect to the Wifi search for the Broad Haven Holiday Park Network on your device and connect.

You will then be automatically redirected to the Welcome Page below from where you can select how much time you wish to purchase.

After your first visit to the Network your device may remember the Broad Haven Wifi allowing your Internet browser will take you directly to the Welcome Page.

On completion of the payment process you will be e-mailed a voucher code – this will allow you to re-gain entry to the system if your device becomes disconnected for any reason. This code can be entered onto our main WiFi welcome page (the first one you see when you connect). We recommend you make a note of this code or save it offline when you have received it. Once you have bought time, the clock is running if you are online or not. Each voucher paid for can be used on 1 additonal device. Simply input the voucher code on the welcome page when you want to use another device.

Our WiFi System is only intended to work on the park.


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